The Premier Provider of Security Dogs for the Cannabis Industry, Personal & Executive Protection

Forged K9 is a cannabis security company providing protection dogs for the cannabis industry, personal, and executive protection. Forged K9 dogs are trained and tested in real world environments specific to your business, industry, or home. We offer top of the line protection dogs that will fit seamlessly into your life. Our dogs are trained and tested to ensure they will always engage and never fail. Forged K9s are not sport dogs, these dogs are trained to love and protect, and trained to focus on the assailant, not equipment.  Our training staff has an incredible depth of experience ranging from foreign government K9 training, explosion detection training, military / LEO K9 training, and private security. Our dogs all come with an intensive and comprehensive handler’s course. Your Forged K9 protection dog will quickly become a member of your business or family, and will always be vigilant to keep you safe and secure.

Protection You Can Rely On For Your Business or Home

Forged K9 focuses on developing loving and faithful dogs that are incredible deterrents to any threat, and instant protectors should you, your business, or your family ever be in imminent danger.

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Cannabis Security Dogs

Take a Proactive Approach to your Cannabis Security. Whether you are a grower, dispensary owner, or cannabis security professional, Forged K9 tailors our dogs to your specific needs.

Our dogs become your eyes and ears

The presence alone of a protection trained dog is a significant deterrent to would-be assailants.

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Executive Protection Dogs

Wherever in the world your business takes you, your Forged K9 companion is by your side keeping you safe. Our dogs fly on planes, ride in cars, or sit in on boardroom meetings with you.

A Partnership Forged in Vigilance and Obedience.

Forged K9 Dogs are trained to remain vigilant while seemlessly integrating into your world.

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Personal or Family Protection

Nothing is more important than you, and your family's security and peace of mind. Your Forged K9 dog will become your fierce protector and best friend.

Bred to Love. Trained to Protect.

Above all else, Forged K9 dogs have stable temperaments, with countless hours of training and socialization that allows them to become an invaluable member of your family.
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